IAB Macedonia is announcing a request for quotation for electing company that will perform measurement of digital media proprietary digital system with precise measurements of digital media, tools that give insight for the online media in Macedonia. 

  1. Contracting company

The contracting authority is IAB Macedonia, represented by the President Boris Eftimovski, contact 070 865 897 and e-mail address

  1. Subject of the Tender:

2.1 Monitoring of digital media, Patented digital system with precise measurements of digital media, a tool for insight of the Macedonian Internet media score.

2.2 Web page Audience Measurement

– Daily and weekly visits

– How often users access the Internet from different devices

– Possibility to create a group of users for certain web portals or categories. (cumulative reach summary for a large number of selected categories or media.)

– Review of all relevant indicators of media visits, including the ability to view exclusive users for each web portal or category in the measurement.

– Collecting first-party customer information

– Filtering data by web browsers, operating systems.

– Infographics and an adaptive interface, available on any device, in each conference room, as well as fast and modern web technology.

– Demographic and lifestyle research of the visitors with pop-up surveys

– Targeting of the visitors by demographics, search habits and movement, Page Views, Visits, Unique Users, Time spent, Audience composition, Audience share and Affinity Index, returning users, bounce rate.

– How many different devices use demographic groups of users to access the Internet.

– AdEx – measurement of advertising expenditure.

– MEDIA PLANNING TOOLS – TURF analysis (not mandatory, it will be taken as an advantage)

– Analysing/reviewing domestic and external web traffic

– Visitors demographic analysis

– Social networks and applications visit analysis

– Possibility for measuring a subdomain

Data to be available in real time, while analyses with a one-day delay. Data to be confirmed with a delay provided by the tender’s contractor standards.

  1. Terms-criteria

– The contract holder must have experience in measuring digital media in at least three countries ( markets), of which one must be an EU member state.

– The contract holder shall not own a digital medium, a marketing agency, or have a connection through relative’s founding shares in a digital media and marketing agency.

– The contract holder shall not buy or sell advertising space through the measurement system.

– The contract holder shall ensure that at least annually will be able to adapt to the innovations in measuring digital traffic.

– The contact holder shall ensure that at least 30 portals in the measurement system will be included, including the most relevant portals, (IAB will submit an attached list).

– The contact holder must submit a bid price in euros and in denars without 18% VAT.

  1. Deadline for execution

– As of 01.09.2019 the system must be functionally operative.

  1. Preparation technique

– The offer should be in MS Word, in electronic form, sent by email no later than April 15th.

– Q&A no later than 10.04.2019 on email address:

The offer should include: Company name, address, and headquarters of the contact holder, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and contact persons.

  1. Criteria for awarding a contract

– Price and economic advantage of the offer …………………………………….. 70 points

– Ability and quality of the offer …………………………………….. ………………. 30 points

– A minimum of 2 companies must apply for the tender to be successful. If they do not apply, the tender will be canceled.

– IAB reserves the right not to choose a contact holder.

– The contact holder will be subject to the Audit once a year, or, if necessary, on demand of the contracting authority.

– The agreement will be concluded for 5 years.

You can see the whole document HERE

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