About Us

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. It was founded in 1996 in New York and currently brings together 45 IAB licensed offices and three regional ones in order to develop global solutions and advance the digital advertising industry worldwide.

The IAB association in North Macedonia was opened in 2012 and its membership comprises huge number of marketing agencies, media companies, brands and technology firms who advocate the digital marketing development in the country.


IAB Macedonia is committed to continuous development and growth of the digital and interactive advertising in Northern Macedonia by providing education, ensuring market transparency and communicating IAB’s values ​​at a local level.


Becoming the most credible association by delivering the best digital advertising practices for the Macedonian market.


As part of the global IAB network, this association aims to:

  • develop the digital advertising market;
  • bring together marketing professionals;
  • promote the industry and introduce the opportunities and benefits of online advertising to the public;
  • increase advertising on the digital platforms;
  • define standards for online advertising;
  • set measurement standards for the consumption of internet advertising;
  • organize seminars, forum discussions, debates, conferences on topics in the field of digital media;
  • deal with industry-related issues suggested by members;


Executive Board:

Sashka Nikolova – president

Mail: s.nikolova@iab.mk

Jane Bajaldziev – vice president

Mail: j.bajaldziev@iab.mk

Nikola Ancevski – general secretary

Mail: Nikola.ancevski@ovation.mk

Boris Efrimovski

Mail: boris@iab.mk

Darko Lazarevski

Mail: editor@kajgana.com

Ira Babic

Mail: ira.babic@brandunion.mk

Nenad Ristovski

Mail: nenad.ristovski@zenithmedia.com

Stojce Gjorgjiev

Mail: stojche@gmail.com

Igor Popovski

Mail: igor@crnobelo.com


Supervisory Board:

Damjan Dano

Mail: damjan@iwmnetwork.com

Aleksandar Manev

Mail: alekmanev@gmail.com


Technical Secretary:

Eva Simonche

Mail: info@iab.mk

Follow up with the activities of IAB Macedonia